BVJ accommodation in PARIS


Against the nitpickers : The BVJ is actually pretty good as far as youth hostels go. The accommodations are basic, as they say on their website. They are also decently clean... The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. They ALL speak very good English, they smile, they are understanding. There were quite a few groups there, so the noise level rose easily, but as soon as we mentioned it to the employee on night duty, he made them quiet down immediately. The breakfast is not meager, as some reviews say. It is your typical European breakfast, plus some American touches, like cereal and yogurt. There was plenty of coffee, tea, bread, butter, jam and juice, three or four types of cereal, cold milk and hot milk, pastries — better than the average continental breakfast in some American hotels. We had to leave our bags on our arrival and before departing, and they locked them up in a room for us. There was no problem with the wi-fi (it costs 2 euros) or the lunch tickets. Overall, I’d say if you are realistic, you will understand that for the money, it is a good deal. If you want luxury, go to a hotel. If you want a decent place without forking out a bunch of cash, BVJ Louvre is a good option.

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