Individual rates from

Price per night and per person, according to availability.

FREE breakfast.

Where a pre-booking or booking is made, we guarantee a bed in a room of 1 to 8/10 beds for each person. However, we never guarantee the room type.

Room type Dorm Double Single
BVJ Louvre  From : 19 €/p From : 24 €/p  From : 29€/p
BVJ Opéra  From : 19 €/p From : 24€/p From : 29€/p
BVJ Champs-Elysées  From : 19€/p From : 24 €/p From : 29€/p


Payment for your stay must be made in cash.
Rooms are available from 2.30 pm.
Sheets, covers and pillows are supplied.
Don’t forget to bring your own towel