Youth Hostels Paris

In Paris, BVJ is your youth hotel.

Would you like to spend a pleasant stay in Paris, in a simple yet comfortable youth hotel?

Discover or rediscover the BVJ Louvre, the first and most Parisian youth hostel of all. It is exceptionally well-located in the cultural and historical centre of Paris: between the Louvre Museum, the Palais Royal and the Jardin des Halles – an authentic Parisian youth hostel, open 24 hours every single day since 1948.

In Paris, the second BVJ Hotel for young people is the BVJ Quartier Latin, open 24 hours, with reception in several languages. BVJ Quartier Latin has been welcoming young people from all over the world since 1983. All the tourist attractions of Paris can be reached in less than 30 minutes.

The BVJ Youth Hostel in Paris has a single objective: for young people to meet one another, so that our planet ceases to be a source of incomprehension.

Don’t miss visiting our youth hostel in Paris – a key destination for young people in Paris!

Having spread across the five continents, with several million members, and thousands of expeditions between sea and sky, BVJ has two youth hostel locations at the heart of historical and cultural Paris: the BVJ Louvre and the BVJ Quartier Latin.

Choose our youth hostel in Paris for a simple, friendly and pleasant stay in the historical and cultural epicentre of the city of light.

Open up to friendship, make your travels educational and fun amid the culture and history of Paris, staying at a BVJ youth hotel.