14th july in Paris !

auberge de jeunesse 14 juillet PARIS

[06/22/2018] Celebrate the French national day : the Bastille day in Paris on the 14th of July is a “must to do” if you are visiting the country, and especially if...

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Paris Roland Garros

alojamiento Paris Roland Garros

[05/10/2018] Do not miss the date! From the 21st, May to the 10th, June 2018 takes place in Paris the most popular sport event of the year: Roland Garros. From all...

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Winter Sales in Paris


[01/13/2018] Paris, one of the worlds trendiest fashion capitals, and the winter sales are finally here! There are so many options that it’s easy to get lost, lose time, and end...

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visit the eiffel tower

dormir voyage scolaire

[12/30/2017] Ah ! The Eiffel Tower! Who never dreamt of going up to see the city of lights from above the majestic structure that decorates one of the most sophisticated areas...

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