Find a cheap hostel in Paris ?


Passing through the capital, you’re in the middle of organizing your stay and is desperate to find a cheap hostel in Paris? Don’t look any further! With its four youth hostels situated in Paris from 19 euros per night, BVJ Paris allows you to stay in a hostel in Paris without spending much.

Staying in a youth hostel in Paris: the ideal solution for a budget stay?


For students, groups of friends or solo travelers, the youth hostel in Paris is oftenly a privileged way of accommodation due to its environment and low budget. It is exactly what we are looking for when we stay in a hostel in Paris : a good location, low price, the people, a practical place for staying and simple and basic rooms, without getting poor.

Nevertheless, we have to be attentive: travelling though the French capital can quickly become over the budget if we don’t take care! In a few clicks, we can easily lose some hundreds of euros while looking for a budget place to sleep in Paris.

How can we go to Paris without spending so much?


Finding a budget stay in Paris is a good thing, but the rest of the trip also has to be inside the budget. Moving around without spending much can become very inconvenient and make you lose a lot of time. Depending on the season, the prices can quickly raise and you have to make plans in advance.

For those who live in the French overseas, Corsair proposes flying tickets for reasonable prices to allow you to come to Paris in a confortable flight. The searching tools allow you to save time while looking for the perfect offer and let you focus on planning your visits to Paris.

BVJ Paris: budget hostels in Paris since 1948


Oh, the beautiful Paris… a capital that makes you dream, in France and beyond, but also a town with amazing historical patrimony! It is inside this unique atmosphere that the BVJ opened the first youth hostels of Paris since 1948.

Nowadays, you can find the BVJ hostels in four of the most beautiful areas of Paris: the BVJ Louvre (next to the Palais Royal and the Halles Garden); the BVJ Quartier Latin (Left of the Seine River); the BVJ Opéra-Montmartre (next to the main theaters and spectacle houses) and the BVJ Champs-Elysées Monceau (do we really need to present the most famous avenue of Paris?). Finding a budgt hostel in Paris is not impossible!

From 19 euros per night, the BVJ Paris hostels welcome you 24h/7 with a multilingual staff and numerous services: free breakfast from 7:15 am to 9:15 am, a place to store your bags 24h, restrooms in every floor, free Wi-Fi access in BVJ Champs-Elysées Monceau… and all of this among the splendor of the worldly famous areas of Paris.

So… would you rather choose the BVJ Champs-Elysées Monceau and its unique architecture, or the vibrant area of the BVJ Opéra-Montmartre, first historical Youth Hostel of all Paris? One thing is certain when you chose a BVJ Paris hostel: you’re making the best choice of a simple, nice, unpretentious and budget Hostel in Paris.

a cheap bed in Paris : BVJ

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