School trip in Paris : 5 days to discover the french capital


Doesn’t matter if you go with a group in Paris, with friends or your family, all the ways will lead you to Paris… ! The heart of the french history, economical, cultural and reactive capital. Paris, the city of lights, its always surprising us.

Lead guide yourself between the classics of yesterday and today while you visit the city of Paris with your high school, secondary school, university, etc.

Follow the recommendation of BVJ hostels in PARIS and live an unforgettable experience in Paris!

Day 1: Discover the neighborhood

Make an appointment around 14:30 in one of our hostels, BVJ Opera-Montmartre or BVJ Champs-Elysées Monceauand you will enjoy of an incredible localization, just a few steps of the most iconics places in Paris. Leave your luggage s in the hostel, take something cold to eat and drink and you will be ready to discover the neighborhood.

hébergement groupe PARIS

Situated in Leon Jost street on number 12, in the 17th district of Paris, the hostel PARIS – BVJ Champs-Elysees is just 20 minutes walking from the Arc of Triumphs. Go until the top of this monument to have an amazing view of the city and then explore the main avenue of Paris, Champs-Elysées, famous for being one of the prettiest avenues in the world !

Day 2 : Magic Paris 

Start the day with our free and delicious breakfast in the BVJ hostels in Paris. Then take the way to Trocadero. Open your eyes and see, yes you finally meet the Eiffel tower, something that can not lose for sure.

If you are with good mode to make some exercise you can go until the second floor (674 step). If not it’s always possible to take the lift until the second floor or even the third one with 276 meters.

PARIS Eiffel tower at night

After for lunch you can do a picnic in the gardens under the Eiffel tower: les Champs des Mars

During the day you can enjoy doing a tour in one of the famous Mouches boat in the Sein river. After when you go off and you start walking you can find the most beautifuls monuments and museums of Paris as the Louvre museum, The mansion of the disabled, The bourbon Palace, The Orsay museum, or The Notre Dame Cathedral.


Day 3: Paris and Sciences

Take the North East direction of Paris to discover the secrets of the city of sciences and industry in Paris. Located 20 min’ closed to BVJ Opéra-Montmartre Hostel in Paris, in the heart of Villette’s Park, this museum will entertain everyone included kids and adults. It’s the perfect experience to live a unique experiences and play the crazy scientific for some hours.

During the day you can discover the museum of Natural history in the neighborhood number five. This museum was created 400 years ago and has a botanical garden specialized in researches, that allows to the guests discover different kind of plants and also participle of the diffusion of the naturalists culture.

Vacances insolites vacances de la Toussaint

Day 4 : Cultural Paris

During the morning go to visit the Palace of Discovering. Explore the secrets of sciences, watch the planets in the planetary and learn about the speed of sound in the acoustic room, between others.

During the afternoon, have a look to one of the most amazing museum in the world : Louvre Museum… In this amazing place you will have the chance to meet some of the most importants paints the world as the Mona Lisa from Leonardo Da Vinci.

Guía 24h en París albergue PARIS - BVJ LOUVRE

After your visit get ready to explore the city island, situated in the Seine River. While walking, you will find for sure the Notre Dame cathedral and different booksellers in the area.

Day 5. Historic Paris

The trip comes to an end… for this last day go to visit an unforgettable place from Paris : Versailles’ Castle. Get lost in these historical gardens.

vacances a VERSAILLES - auberge de jeunesse BVJ PARIS HOSTEL

Here we will leave you some web pages, books and films that can be useful to prepare your trip to Paris.

  • Web site:
  • Films:Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain de JP Jeunet (2001)
  • Paris à tout prix de Reem Kherici (2013)
  • Minuit à Paris de Woody Allen (2011)
  • Paris de Cédric Klapish (2008)
  • A book:Le spleen à Paris (Charles Beaudelaire)

And if you are thinking where to stay you can do it in one of the BVJ parisians hostels!

An ideal place for smalls budgets, we will received your group in Paris according to the disponibilities in some of our hostels in the “heart” of Paris.



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